May 262010

All photos courtsey of Aviator Sports & Event Center

Good news! The Kings County Fair at the Aviator sports complex has been extended by a week, through Memorial Day Monday. The hours are the same as last week – 5pm-11pm Monday through Thursday, 5pm-1am Friday, noon-midnight Saturday, and noon-11pm Sunday. General admission is still $7 plus rides, with specials through the week.

I’m told that the energy-efficient Ferris Wheel needs only the same amount of power that would power a TV. No indication if that’s the fairly benign TV I have in my home now, or the 72″ power-hungry plasma I want to have on my wall.

Hanger 7 photo by Veronica Tookmanian

May 172010

The Kings County Fair is going on at the Aviator sports center for seven more days. Did anyone go this past weekend? If you have pictures you would like considered for publication here, please e-mail them to

It’s Sunday night at the time I’m writing this, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg that has been my very hectic weekend. Right now, I’m trying to squeeze in some blogging in between the rock show I just got back from and some work for my “day” job that has to be done before the start of the Frankfurt workday, which means I have literally five minutes to write the rest of this blog post. So instead of my regular charm and wit, I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for a link dump this week.

I promise to be funnier next week when I’m not high as a kite on 11:30pm Dunkin Donuts coffee.

May 142010

The Kings County Fair is underway! A host of rides, carnival games, and food stands have descended on the Aviator Sports Center located at Floyd Bennett Field (map), and will remain through this weekend and the next. Ooh – there’s a zoo (I won’t tell PETA if you don’t) with a baby kangaroo, and Buffo, The World’s Strongest Clown.

Hey, this is just my $0.02 of free advice, but if you’re one of those people that’s terrified of clowns…? Stick close to the kangaroo.

The cost to enter is $7 admission, and their are several pay-one-price specials for rides throughout the next ten days, including tonight’s $25 Midnight Madness. The Kings County Fair is open Monday-Thursday 5pm-11pm, Friday 5pm-1am, Saturday noon-midnight, and Sunday noon-11pm.

[UPDATE] Now extended through Memorial Day Monday: see details.