Mar 292011

This past Saturday my girlfriend and I stepped off the B49 Bus and into the St. Mark schoolyard for this year’s Grillin’ On the Bay competition. We were disappointed that only two competitors chose to sell their smoked offerings. Fortunately, contestants Three Men and a Baby Back delivered some of the most authentic and sinfully tasty pulled pork we’ve had [...]

Mar 292011

Recently Councilwoman Gale Brewer (Manhattan not Brooklyn) said “New Yorkers should be able to go to the park without worrying about motor vehicle traffic” and she proposed a bill that prevents motorists from driving in Prospect Park at all times. Currently, the only time the Park Drive is open to motorists is on weekdays, northbound from 7 a.m. – 9 [...]

Mar 252011

New York’s City Council (Bloombuck$) voted the naming of the Queensboro Bridge, connecting Manhattan and Queens, to the Ed Koch/Queensboro Bridge.  However not all New Yorkers are in favor of this. In 1978, the Marine Parkway Authority Bridge was renamed for Gil Hodges, the former star for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Brooklyn resident and manager of the Mets 1969 World Series [...]

Mar 252011

I haven’t actually seen White Irish Drinkers. It opens today at Landmark Sunshine Cinema on East Houston in money makin’ Manhattan, if anyone’s interested. It seems full of, well, Irish white people drinking. It’s a period movie that takes place in 1970′s Bay Ridge and promises to pack more Army surplus and brown leather than we’ve seen since Basketball Diaries. [...]

Mar 232011

There’s that &*%$*# hydrant again. The same broken fire hydrant you’ve  seen for months. Curses are muttered under your breath as you circle the block in vain looking for a parking spot. Maybe the out of order pump is in front of your home or business; maybe it’s outside of your favorite store. “I’m not putting lives in danger, why [...]

Mar 222011

Did you know that New York City only has ONE Barbecue Competition? If you do then you’re probably wasting your time reading this, otherwise stay with me… The grilling and chili contest’s going down THIS SATURDAY at the St. Mark’s St. Mark schoolyard in Sheepshead Bay, baby! (corner of East 18th and Ave Z in Brooklyn) For you non-competitors out [...]

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Mar 212011

Howard Schultz  knows South Brooklyn. He grew up in Canarsie’s Bayview Houses and like many of Brooklyn’s sons and daughters, was able to overcome humble beginnings to achieve success. As an international business leader and the person responsible for much of the growth and worldwide recognition Starbucks has attained, he was recently interviewed, over lunch at an Upper West Side [...]

Mar 182011, the Staten Island Advance’s blog, reports that Councilman James Oddo (R-Mid-Island/ Brooklyn) is pitching a change in New York City’s budget. He says the new approach will save the city from cutting essential services such as fire and education. Currently, city-wide candidates, if willing to abide by certain fund-raising restrictions, may request that the city match campaign funding received [...]