Aug 162009


Last Saturday evening, I headed down to Brooklyn Union Gas Stadium to watch the Cyclones game. That evening’s game was against the Oneonta Tigers. Oneonta: for the Google-map impaired, that is a town in Upstate New York, along I-88, roughly halfway between Binghampton and Albany.

What’s that, you say? It isn’t called Brooklyn Union Gas Staudium? Well, pah. I can’t keep track of all of the name changes of our preeminent natural gas utility company. Apparently, neither can stadium officials, since they still have the old name of the company plastered on the side of the ballpark. I’m going with Brooklyn Union Gas Staudium until it gets old – and then probably a little longer.




I’m not so crazy about the bleacher seats, but just about every other seat in the house is a great seat. And the most expensive seats are $15 each… it’s really hard to go wrong.

The Race of the Condiments.



I just commented on an article in the Brooklyn Paper about dipping attendance at Cyclones games this year, but it looks like a pretty good crowd to me (seen here waiting for t-shirts to fall out of the sky) (no, rlly). In addition to my ten smart-ass theories, here’s a real one: maybe attendance has been so good the first eight years of the franchise, that even a year that is merely amazingly above average is the worst in franchise history.


I’ve been to a number of in-stadium team stores across the Northeast – including three NHL arenas, two National League stadiums, two Division I-A football stadiums, and an NFL stadium. Granted – most of these were older buildings, but the Cyclones amazingly have the nicest team store of the bunch.



It took the Cyclones nine innings to score their first and only run – at least they managed to force an extra inning, but ended up losing to the Tigers in the tenth, dropping their first-place record to 35-21.

Coney Island has fireworks on Friday nights in the summer, but the Cyclones gave this week a bonus round on Saturday. Compared to the Friday night version (which I visited two weeks ago), I thought this started off rather wimpy – and that’s what you see in this video. But after I shut the camera off, the display continued to crescendo, and most of the rest of the display was good and fun to watch.

By the way – what’s with Howard Dean 0:07?

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