Aug 242009


The 32nd Feast of Santa Rosalia – a ten-day street festival through the heart of Bensonhurst – begins this Thursday. It runs down 18th Avenue, starting at 68th Street and running down to 75th Street. 6:00-10:00pm every night. Here are a few quick notes before you go:

  • Santa Rosalia: The patron saint of Palermo.
  • Lucy’s: The patron saint of pork sausage.
  • Zeppole: An Italian pastry with an inverse relationship between cost and calories. If you’re like me and trying to shed a pound or forty, I recommend sharing an order with a friend or two What the hell, it’s only ten days.

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  1. Love Feast Zeppoles!! Thanks for the Heads up!

  2. What time on friday will angelo venuto be performing

  3. Chris – I’m not sure, I didn’t get a chance to ask about any performance schedules yet.

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