Indoor Orchid Care


An Orchid, with their unique flowers, are a popular houseplant choice. However, that same uniqueness seems intimidating, doesn’t it? Won’t it be hard to take care of? how to water indoor orchids? Actually, orchids aren’t hard to take care of! So long as you know the things outlined below your orchid will live and bloom again and again. They’re said to live for up to sixty years with proper care!
One thing you need to know (before you put it on a specific windowsill or corner in your house) is that Orchids usually grow on the branches of jungle trees. They need a nice warm spot, about 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Having the temperature fluctuate (up to 10 degrees lower than normal) at night encourages them to bloom, but isn’t necessary.
They like soft, indirect light. Direct sunlight can burn your orchid’s leaves and dry out the potting mix. If you have a well-lit room, with a few windows, it will thrive there. Just so long as it doesn’t get hardly any direct sunlight it will do well.
Watering once a week keeps your orchid happy and healthy. Though they do grow naturally in tropical areas, they will die if you water them more than necessary. The reason for this is that the roots of the orchid need to breathe. That’s why they aren’t planted in potting soil. Soaking the potting mix your orchid is in, then making sure it drains, will keep your orchid properly watered.
It is recommended to fertilize orchids. If you aren’t sure how to handle fertilizing, research before actually doing it. Fertilizing once a month, with that week’s watering, is recommended by most nurseries. When they are in bloom you don’t need to fertilize.
Eventually, the flowers will wilt and fall off. Don’t worry! Your plant is fine! It will eventually rebloom in a few months.
Enjoy your flowers!